REAL Essentials Curricula Redesign

REAL Essentials

The Center for Relationship Education is excited to announce the REAL Essentials curricula Redesign Project. Our team refreshed the REAL Essentials’ look with current and modern design, easy-to-follow layouts, and helpful supplemental resources. The following outline helps answer questions about what is new and how it affects you.

What is new?

Curriculum Titles
REAL Essentials is a familiar name to those who utilize CRE curricula, however, in the past, REAL Essentials has exclusively labeled our high school curriculum. Now, the REAL Essentials name is part of all the products and is differentiated by a sub-title to identify the age-group, and life-stage, of the intended audience. Below are the updated names with each corresponding audience.

Layout and Design
The new product names come with brand new looks. All of the lesson outlines, worksheets, and handouts went through a makeover to reflect a crisp, modern design. Although the look has changed, much of the content remains the same. Content that has changed will still be available for download on the Customer Resource Page under Curriculum Updates.

Tabs and Titles
The modulated format remains in all the REAL Essentials products, however, some of the tabs, and their order, have been rearranged for ease of use. The biggest change involves a new tab, titled Sexual Health, which contains all the lessons that specifically speak to Sexual Risk Avoidance and Sexuality Education themes. The remaining unit tabs contain all of the additional lessons focused on healthy relationships. This reorganization allows educators to broaden the scope of how they introduce REAL Essentials products and relationship skills, not limited to the Sexual Health message.

Updated PowerPoint Slides and Resources
The updated look presented in the REAL Essentials material is mirrored on the Customer Resource Page through refreshed PowerPoint presentations, new instructional training videos, and updated PDF material downloads for lessons.

What Remains the Same

  1. Content and messaging for optimal relational health.
  2. Customer service and support from the CRE staff.

Customer care continues to be a top priority for the Center for Relationship Education. We know that for some people change is refreshing and engenders excitement and opportunity. For others, change can create stress or frustration. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, please connect with our team to insure you have what you need to teach the REAL Essentials curricula. Thank you for impacting a generation with healthy relationship skills.

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