Define a Dream

A transformative program that creates a partnership with high school students through the development of healthy education on subjects that create risk factors in their everyday life. The goal of Livin’ The Dream is to provide perspective and help create a life full of freedom and understanding through the knowledge of growing relationship skills.


Livin’ The Dream’s Positive Youth Development Skills

Protective Factors

Increasing protective factors through positive youth development skills empowers students to build assets and resiliency, both of which help them to identify what is important and what to avoid when faced with important life decisions.

Reducing Risk Factors

Learning a path that provides strategies for making choices about high-risk behaviors enables confidence and helps students avoid being in situations that increase risk and may put their future goals in jeopardy.

Self-Regulation and Success Sequence

Learning the motivations behind why students make certain decisions empowers them with self-regulation skills, so they are self-motivated rather than motivated by outside forces and influencers. This pathway toward success helps students plan their life with linear benchmarks.

Livin’ The Dream Experience

Activity Based Experiential Learning

Through questions and discussions, students engage in activities that help develop their own sense of relationship skills and communication styles. They learn relationship and life skills through discovery and create a space where their dreams become more concrete. This operationalizes a pathway to success.

Student Engagement

Incentives (including giveaways), relatable facilitators, and a unique experience create the foundation for students to learn and thrive. Educators are amazed at 100% attendance and engagement as students become captivated with issues of the heart and the relevant skills they are learning.

A Lifetime Experience

Discussions from the heart develop among the students as they heighten awareness and connect through shared experiences. Students learn to navigate high-risk situations differently through discovering and understanding research-aligned relationship and life skills.

Let’s Live the Dream, Together

Educators, you have an opportunity to become a co-facilitator as you reinforce skills, concepts, and discussions. Together we can provide a pathway for your students to reinforce the knowledge that Livin’ The Dream brings to their lives.

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