The Importance of Relationship Education

From the moment we’re born, our training in life begins. From potty training to job training, we’re expected to learn necessary skills to become experts in our chosen profession, passion and hobbies. Despite all this, we fail to get one essential status of learning – relationship education.

REAL Essentials Certification provides relationship education skills training to those at home, in your community and in the workplace. REAL Essentials is ready to give the skills necessary to achieve understanding and effective communication to achieve life success.

REAL Essentials Foundations Certification

The Foundations Certification is uniquely designed to train those that want to provide relationship skills to school-aged children, adolescents and single/ co-parenting mothers.

A 2-day learning experience gives you the training skills necessary to understand the relationship stress and social, emotional and societal impact that happens because of unhealthy relationship patterns. This first-hand exposure is full of iconic, laugh-out-loud activities and lessons that make up this segment of the REAL Essentials curricula.

Described as “life-changing” and “the best training experience I’ve ever attended” – our Foundations Training is ready for those ready to be certified in the important of relationship skills. Ready to get trained?

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REAL Essentials Connect Certification

The Connect Certification is designed to equip community leaders and training professionals with resources for enhancing relationship skills for individuals, workplace teams, and couples.

This 2-day certification training prepares you to bring content from the 6 curriculum modules which make up REAL Essentials Connect. Each module is tailored to build capacity and enhance skill-building around interpersonal relationship development concepts. This certification experience enables you to deliver relationship skills training to a variety of people with customized application principles personalized for your target learning audience.

Participants describe the certification as “critical” [to success] and something that should be built into “everyone’s educational experience”. See for yourself and register today!

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REAL Essentials Respond Certification

The Respond Certification is uniquely specialized for the specific relational needs of military personnel, veterans and emergency responders. CRE is committed to serving those who serve others so selflessly. Personnel in these fields tend to experience heightened stress due to deployment, trauma exposure and trying shift work. REAL Essentials Respond serves to help equip agencies with relationship skill building tools to safeguard military and responder families and communities.

This 2-day training is taught by first-hand experts in the field with personal knowledge of the impact their professions bring to their relationships. This hands on and interactive learning experience applies lesson modules for integrating at the agency level, in peer support networks, or on base. Stay on the front line of relationship training and drastically improve lives.

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REAL Value, REAL Impact, REAL Results

Trust REAL Essentials to be…



Real content aligns with research conducted through an ongoing partnership with the University of Denver. Lessons are supported by data with a proven track record for positive impact. Activities are taught to target their audience with age-appropriate messaging.



The curricula suite is regularly reviewed to maintain relevancy and relatability. Changes are implemented in response to participant feedback. This helps steer CRE lesson objectives toward a variety of target audiences. Annual updates are available for download.



CRE believes that everyone deserves thriving relationships and welcomes everyone to participate. A driving priority is that all participants feel safe. Therefore, lessons are taught through a trauma-informed approach. Cultivating a safe learning environment is key to engaging attendees.

Exploring REAL Essentials

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Grant Writing

Bring the plan, program and curriculum together as an agent of change for healthy relationships in your community. This step-by-step guide simplifies your process for writing health education grants.

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