Why Relationship Education?

Everyone is impacted by relationships. Few people, however, seek relationship help until the fall-out of interpersonal stress strikes. REAL Essentials Certification provides relationship education skills training to everyone as a root cause approach for relational wellness. Staying on the front-end of relational health is proven to minimize the damage that typically ensues when relationship discord hits. REAL Essentials Certification will revolutionize the way you approach relationships at home, in your community, and in your workplace.

REAL Essentials Certification, Foundations 

The Foundations Certification is perfect for anyone looking to bring relationship skills training to school-aged children, adolescents, and single and/or co-parenting mothers.

This 2-day learning experience prepares you to understand the prevalence of relationship stress and the social, emotional, and societal impacts of unhealthy relationship patterns. Additionally, you’ll enjoy first-hand exposure to the iconic, laugh-out-loud fun lessons and activities included in the REAL Essentials curricula suite.

Participants describe the certification as “life-changing” and the “best training experience [they’ve] ever attended”. See for yourself and register today!



REAL Essentials Certification, Respond 

The Respond Certification is a specialized event tailored to the specific relationship needs of emergency responders and military personnel.

These professions experience heightened relationship stress due to their consistent exposure to trauma. Additionally, their jobs demand adherence to a-typical work hours and expectations often misunderstood by civilian friends and family members.

This 2-day certification training is taught by experts in the field with first-hand knowledge of the relational impacts on the job and hands-on and interactive teaching for applying the lesson modules in your agencies. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay on the front lines of relationship training that will drastically improve lives.



REAL Value, REAL Impact

REAL Essentials can be trusted as...



Lessons are supported by data with a proven track record for positive impact. Content is aligned with research conducted through ongoing partnership with the University of Denver. Activities are taught to each target population with developmentally age-appropriate messaging.



The REAL Essentials curricula suite is reviewed regularly to stay current and meaningful. Annual updates are available for download on the Customer Resource Page. Changes are implemented in response to participant feedback, which helps keep lesson objectives targeted toward the most significant relationship skill needs identified in the field.



We welcome all to participate, believing that everyone deserves thriving relationships. Participant safety is a top priority, and lessons are taught from a Trauma-Informed approach.   

Explore REAL Essentials.

Relationships impact people in every life-stage. Browse the REAL Essentials curricula catalog to explore which product is best suited for the community you aim to serve. 



Writing a Grant?

Our step-by-step guide simplifies the process for writing health education grants. Bring together the plan, program, and curriculum to become an agent of change for healthy relationships in your community.