Build Success in Your Organization,
Invest Interpersonally

People don't leave jobs, they leave people. When individuals experience thriving relationships, they're at their peak performance. Make your team its best when you add relationship training to your program. There are a variety of ways to engage in an interpersonal training experience. Select the option that works best for you.

On-Site Corporate Workshops

On-Site Corporate Workshops

Choose from a wide variety of communication modules and soft-skill content. Personalize the best format and time-frame for your participants. Workshop experiences are offered in 2 hour training modules or can be combined for a full day experience.


Training educators

Training educators

Match educators with the REAL Essentials curriculum that is right for their participants. Equip them with the necessary tools for directing participants toward success where it matters most. Hands on training experiences prepare people to tackle difficult relationship topics with ease.


Goodbye PowerPoint, Hello Powerful.

Speakers who are passionate about relationships are exceptionally relatable! Each will endear your audience with fun, humor, engaging energy and valuable information.

The Relationship ROI

When Arapahoe County Health and Human Services Director first approached CRE to bring relationship skills to 168 of his front-line employees, annual employee turnover was occurring at over 33%. After making changes, including implementing CRE services, turnover dropped to only 4%. Investing in his employee's relationship skills has saved Arapahoe County taxpayers nearly $450,000 to date. Every $1 spent on CRE’s training has generated a $27 savings from reduced turnover.


Companies Who Care About Their People Trust CRE with Their Relationships.

Here are a few of the organizations who have invested in their teams with relationship education:

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Adams 12
Adams County
Air Force Academy
Arapahoe County
Camp Experience
Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association
Electrical Excellence
Illegal Petes
Jefferson County
Latitude Sports Marketing
National Charity League
Nova Home Loans
Partner Colorado
Prosperion Financial Advisors
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Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union
Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains
Young Life
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