Our Vision

Individuals of all ages will experience positive relationships that are thriving.

Our Mission

To provide relationship education skills training to everyone.

Our Values

Providing trustworthy staff and products, supported by data and a proven track record of positive impact.
​All content is reviewed regularly and updated to stay current and meaningful.
​We welcome all to participate, believing that everyone deserves thriving relationships.

The Beginning

It all Started With Relationships
It all Started With Relationships

The missing link in public health

As a registered nurse, CRE's President/Founder, Joneen Mackenzie, saw first-hand the negative outcomes of poor relationships and decided to change this pattern for future generations. She partnered with social scientists and developed a curriculum that would direct teens toward living their best lives through healthy relationships.

Realizing that relationship skills training was a vital component of the health conversation for all age groups, Joneen created The Center for Relationship Education.

Established as a nonprofit in 2003, The Center for Relationship Education now serves people in 47 states and 7 countries. Today, its curriculum and training resources improve people’s relationship and is available for children, teens, adults, couples and corporate teams.

Our People

The team at The Center for Relationship Education is dedicated to bringing its mission to life. They understand the impact that relationship skills training brings, because they have been personally affected and changed by the experience. Many pursued a career at CRE after attending a workshop or event. Through their dedication and work, they strive to create an impact in life’s success to others.

Meet Our Team


The Center for Relationship Education uses research-supported strategies to improve relationships. Participants learn to understand the positive benefits of incorporating skills and effective communication. CRE does so because we acknowledge that at the core of every human connection is a desire to belong and to feel loved. We put our heart into our work as we strive to deliver a life lessons that is sure to make a change.

Community Partners

Our partnership allows us to add interpersonal themes to our programs without having to write or develop their own resources. Collaborate with us to bring relationship education to your communities.

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Help Us Succeed

Sponsor an Event

Sponsor an Event

When a business sponsors an event, it shows that the company cares for strong relationships and acknowledged the skills needed to strive in them. View our event page for the opportunity to feature your business as a sponsor.

Extend an Invitation

Extend an Invitation

We have the opportunity to showcase creative options for improving relationship satisfaction and enhancing teamwork when organizations allow us to assess their interpersonal climate. Open the door towards skills training – request a proposal for your business, organization or school.



Every single donation made goes towards the cost of certification fees. This means that 100% of any donation becomes a scholarship for educators wanting to impact their community with relationship skills training. Make a difference in life’s success today.