The Catalyst for Life’s Most Important Conversations 

Up2You joins classroom educators to facilitate important activity-based learning to address healthy relationship skills with oneself, family, friends, and dating.  Conversations help students better understand how the quality of their relationships impacts the quality of their life.


Up2You Themes to Motivate Students to Learn to Make Good Decisions 

Raise Up

Raise up the standard for managing behavior and reactions to feeling and things happening around them.

Speak Up 

Speak up and use their own voice and unique giftings to develop skills that help understanding and increase confidence in achieving what to do.

Lead Up 

Lead up and discern motive for making decisions and the risk and reward systems that impact final choices while leading others to do the same.

Level Up 

Level up and rise above barriers by ordering lives according to a Success Sequence from youth to adulthood.

Look Up

Look up and extend mindset to see beyond what is happening right in front to empower forward-thinking disciplines for future success.

Pair Up 

Pair up with people who encourage and have context in differentiating between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Stand Up 

Stand up to healthy boundary setting and intrinsic motivation for resisting sexual coercion, dating violence and non-marital sexual activity.

Shore Up 

Shore up to support health by resisting invitations to consume alcohol or use drugs.


Core Up2You Objectives

Short Term
  • Increased awareness of the decision-making process and the risks and rewards that motivate healthy relationships

  • Improved ability to be forward thinking and use future orientation to achieve desired dreams

  • Enhanced skills for forming safe relationship connections that combat loneliness, isolation, and depression and enable a sense of belonging

Long Term
  • Increased ability to create and sustain healthy relationships and support social connections 

  • Successful youth transition into adulthood demonstrated by graduation from high school and obtainment of employment 

  • Improved family functioning as demonstrated by family closeness and bonding 

What Students are Saying

I feel a lot more confident in my relationships and my preparedness to open up and create more for myself and someone else.
February 09, 2024
Up2You Participant
I really loved how you took the time to get to know us all personally and created a positive environment. I have already used some of the things we learned in class in my relationships, and I have noticed they have been healthier since the class started.
February 09, 2024
Up2You Participant
I learned the differences between multiple relationships like love and friendship.
February 09, 2024
Up2You Program Participant

Ready2Relate Project Staff

Lynn Price
Project Director

Chip Albertson
Project Facilitator

Alejandra Nieland
Project Facilitator

Grace Surwillo
Project Facilitator

Up2You is a benefit to public, private, charter and alternative middle school and high school teachers who focus on relationships.

Bring Up2You to your classroom! Deliver a program to your students with a purpose to develop the skills needed to enhance positive, healthy relationship skills.

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