Give Your Employees More Than a Paycheck

Employees spend at least one-third of their lives at the office. Make this time count by adding a relationship skills component to your employee development plan. Strengthen your work culture and improve the lives of your staff with with engaging and effective communication skills. 

Retain Talent

Retain Talent

Leaders in a prominent Colorado county invested in CRE Corporate workshop services and saved more than $450k from churn-related expenses! Apply these science-based skills in your organization to keep your best staff. 

Generate ROI

Generate ROI

Maximize output with relationship input. Healthy workplace relationship trainings are proven to increase ROI by 50-600%. Prioritize productive interpersonal skills to increase productivity and profits. 

Improve Culture

Improve Culture

People are drawn to work environments offering more than monetary benefits. Attract and retain the best by creating a meaningful corporate culture. Design an environment where employees want to spend their time.

Choose the Best Format for Your Team

2-Hour Module

Choose one module from our corporate workshop series, and equip your staff with a specialized skillset for resolving common relational workplace challenges.

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Full Day Session

Choose this option to customize a powerful full-day workshop experience for your staff. Select three of your preferred module topics which will be formatted to present as a one day training.

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Featured Modules

The Great Divide

Addressing Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict exists in every workplace environment, and if handled appropriately, it can be a helpful catalyst for growth. Equip your staff with tools to respond to conflict with strategies that unite your team  rather than divide it. Learn to address core issues and be more efficient in the path toward resolution. 

So, I’m Right, Right?

Understanding Others' Perspectives

Different personality types and expectations guide each one of us in decision making and problem-solving. Teams often experience conflict when differing perspectives clash. This workshop will teach the unique strengths and challenges associated with personality wirings and explain how each affects individual and corporate expectations.

You Be the Judge

Breaking Down Assumptions in the Workplace

Employees, often unknowingly, look to their own individual assumptions to make decisions. Judgments based on assumptive opinions are dangerous. Participants will learn about the assumptive realities in your workplace and discover new skills for combating them.

Let’s Talk

Skills for Practical Communication

“Communication is key” is common advice when seeking to foster a healthy workplace environment. Applying this advice, however, is often unclear. This workshop offers practical tools for applying effective communication strategies which enhance the quality of inter-office relationships.

Why Did You Do That?

Exploring the Decision Making Process

Everyone makes decisions on a regular basis. These decisions impact team performance, culture, and connection. Without the skills to navigate the impact of decision-making, corporate teams are at risk for misunderstanding and conflict. This workshop will equip people to discern motive and intent in the decision-making process and help them understand the value of a strategic plan for making decisions.

Technically Speaking

Technology’s impact on Interpersonal Communication

While technology puts global connections in the palm of our hands, it often weakens our human connections. Nothing can replace face-to-face interactions with people. Explore the impact of digital disconnection, and learn to develop foundational interpersonal tools that are crucial for experiencing healthy relationships.

All In!

Tools for increasing employee engagement

People own what they help to create. Inspire creativity with intentional strategies for making work meaningful, productive, and fun. This workshop will engage hands-on, out-of-the-box strategies for ensuring a work environment that draws participation and increased productivity.

Fuel Your Tank

Strategies to Avoid Running on Empty

Important deadlines and high-stakes projects require people to spin multiple plates, often at the same time. High-stress demands regularly leave us running on fumes. Fuel yourself with skills for living with a full tank, and learn to maximize the health of your relationships.

Having The Center for Relationship Education (CRE) involved with our leadership programming made for an impactful experience. Students were still talking about the session weeks after attending. The feedback on the opening session, which was facilitated by Jonathan, was incredibly positive. In an evaluation, one student said, “He was effective in explaining why we do what we do in relationships. It was eye-opening. This information is invaluable. It has made me more aware of why I do what I do.” I would definitely work with CRE again.

Arapahoe Community College

CRE was instrumental in assisting us, through their training, in eliminating the small negative group dynamic. This was a huge win for us as having staff feel comfortable at work and be in a positive environment leads to better learning and relationship building. By having the supervisors trained, it promoted an environment where every voice is heard, kudos are given freely. Supervisors understand that if they produce several staff who also become supervisors, they are themselves ready for the next level.

Arapahoe County Department of Human Services

As part of the process to overhaul our company culture, we enlisted The Center for Relationship Education to help us develop the communication skills necessary to achieve the goals we have established. Prior to the workshop, we spoke briefly with our facilitator about our team and what we hoped to learn. The communication module exceeded my expectations; it was remarkably tailored to the needs of our team. In the short time after the workshop, I have already seen positive changes in how our teammates are using what they learned at the workshop.

Electrical Excellence

Thank you to the CRE so much for bringing Jonathan to speak at NOVA Home Loans. We enjoyed it tremendously and learned a lot. The techniques are very valuable to all of us for both work, and our personal relationship development as well.  There were so many key takeaways!  We are  looking forward as an organization to learning more and being able to implement these skills in all our relationships to grow our business and strengthen our families. This is a really amazing opportunity you have given us! We can't wait for the next one!

Nova Home Loans

From start to finish, the CRE crew treated us like a priority – quick connection, phenomenal brainstorming sessions, consistent communication, professional planning and event coordination, and exceptional check in and follow up. We were excited to learn they had popular and relevant presentations ready for delivery which saved us time and energy and allowed us to focus on our business. Our presenter Lauren was energetic, personable, and intelligent. And our guests were engaged and grateful to learn something new and impactful. CRE is a power partner, and we’ll be back!

Prosperion Financial Advisors

CRE is one of our trusted partners for employee training.  Lauren prepares and caters each workshop around our companies way of doing things and includes our corporate values, mission and vision statements in each session.  She is exciting, knowledgeable and passionate when she teaches.  We’ve had her come back every year since our first meeting. 

Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union

Latitude Sports Marketing and Wow Events Denver went in for the workplace communication workshop and we agreed that it was beneficial in improving our ability to effectively set our goals, improve communication, and get in the right mindset for 2018. Jonathan did a great job of presenting the material and I highly recommend this for any team building you might need.

WOW Events

We gathered 3 of our locations together for the “So, I’m Right, Right?” workshop and the teams loved it. Jonathan is a great presenter - very animated, energetic and engaging. The girls kept referring to each other as “their” personality animal all the next day and couldn’t stop talking about it. It really helps to understand and put into perspective that we are all different but need each personality to make a great team. Thank you!!

European Wax Center

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