Up2You Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What is the Up2You Project?

Up2You is a project of The Center for Relationship Education (CRE) based in Denver, Colorado.  Founded in 2003, the mission of CRE is to provide relationship education skills training to everyone.   Up2You lessons, for Colorado school students, focus on healthy relationships with oneself, friends, family, and dating. 

Why is the Up2You Project necessary?

Relationship skills are the catalyst for life success.  Whether with oneself, friends, family or in dating relationships, students in schools are navigating interpersonal dynamics. Isolation due to the pandemic has affected social interaction.  They may feel frustrated by conflicting personality styles, need skills for productive conversations when stress and anger arise, become confused about the difference between love and infatuation and wonder about passion and purpose.  Up2You lessons and activities will equip them with tools to better understand how to succeed in life.

Who funds the Up2You Project?

Funding for the Up2You Project comes from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families and the Youth Services Bureau. The Center for Relationship Education received a 3-year grant to serve approximately 650 school students each year in Colorado.

What lessons will be taught?

During 12 hours of class time, students will learn relationship skills around the following topics for example:

  • Personal Strengths; Identify and articulate specific strengths, accomplishments and goals. 

  • Personality Styles; Discover personality styles and appreciate the difference in others. 

  • Communication Danger Signs; Create awareness about when communication becomes destructive.   

  • My Whole Self; Introduce 6 types of intimacy (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Financial.)  Educate students about how each type affects whole person health. 

  • Choices and Effects; Discover choices affect not only oneself, but also families, schools, communities and beyond. 

Who teaches the lessons?

Certified Up2You Facilitators from The Center for Relationship Education lead the class.  Additionally, the Classroom Teacher may also choose to be certified and join the Up2You Facilitator as a Co-Facilitator.  Teachers may ask students to implement make-up assignments during the Project series in class or at home.

How will my students engage in the lessons?

Each student will receive a workbook with activities to engage during class.  Each class energizes students with insightful information, encouraged discussion and fun interactive activities.

What topics might I expect to discuss with my students as a result of this program?

Please refer to the topics list mentioned previously.  We encourage students to share lessons at home with the ability to recognize some of the skills of family members too. 

What perks are offered to my students for participation?

Students will receive incentives for their participation in the Up2You Project. These incentives may include a t-shirt and shoulder bag.