Livin' The Dream FAQ's


General Questions

What is the Livin’ the Dream (LTD) Project?

LTD is a project of The Center for Relationship Education (CRE) based in Denver, Colorado. The project aims to deliver relationship skills training to local high school students, giving them interpersonal tools to help each accomplish their life’s dreams.

Why is the Livin’ the Dream Project necessary?

Relationship skills are the catalyst for life success. Whether with friends, family or in dating relationships, students in high school are navigating interpersonal dynamics. They may feel frustrated by conflicting personality styles, stuck without skills for productive discussions, overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, and confused about the difference between love and infatuation. LTD topics and activities will equip them with tools to better understand how to succeed in life as they relate to others, plan their future, overcome obstacles, and form healthy families should they desire to do so.

What are some of the behavioral outcomes expected?
  • Increased relationship skills
  • Reduced alcohol and drug use
  • Reduced bullying and violence
  • Increased mental health
  • Reduced isolation and depression
  • Increased hope for a positive future
  • Increased student confidence
  • Increased supportive connections
Who funds the Livin’ the Dream Project?

Funding for the project comes from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services; Administration for Children and Families. The Center for Relationship Education received a 3-year grant to serve 700 high school students each year in Colorado.

What lessons will be taught?

During 12 hours of class time, students will learn relationship skills covering the following topics: 

  • Learning About Yourself and Others 
  • Communication Skills  
  • Conflict Resolution Skills 
  • Managing Peer Pressure Skills
  • Boundary Setting Skills
  • Decision Making Skills 
  • Self-regulation and Impulse Control 
  • Future Life Planning including Success Sequencing 
  • Skills to Overcome Obstacles 
  • Safe Dating Strategies 
  • Risk Avoidance 
  • Becoming a Leader 
Who teaches the lessons?

The Center for Relationship Education employs professional certified facilitators to lead the class. Frequently, classroom teachers volunteer to be trained and certified in the REAL Essentials Advance High School Curriculum and co-facilitate the skills-based classes with the facilitator.

How will my child engage in the lessons?

Each student will receive a workbook outlining the lessons and activities. The classes are experiential and engaging imparting relationship and life skills which will increase students’ knowledge, skills, and intentions to make healthy life decisions. The classes captivate students with insightful information, encouraging discussions, conversation, and interaction.

What topics might I expect to discuss with my child as a result of this program?

Please refer to the topics list mentioned previously. Facilitators encourage the students to Connect at Home, sharing what they learned in each class. Parents / caretakers will have the tools to initiate conversations and review the workbook activities together to help build strong family bonds and a two-generation approach to optimal health.

What perks are offered to my child for participation?

Students who attend and complete all classes offered in the Livin’ the Dream program will receive gift cards.

What do students have to say about our program?
  • “I learned the differences between multiple relationships like love and friendship.” 
  • “Everyone was able to connect and have a safe, fun space where we can all learn and be comfortable.” 
  • “I really loved how you took the time to get to know us all personally and created a really positive environment.  I have already used some of the things we learned in class in my relationships, and have noticed they have been healthier since the class started.”  
  • “I feel a lot more confident in my relationships and my preparedness to open up and create more for myself and someone else.” 
  • “I learned so much from this class.  You did a great job making thinking about our future less stressful.” 
  • “Thank you for giving me skills and hope.” “I feel more prepared.”