Responding to Your Relationships Certification Training Oct 9, 2019

Responding to Your Relationships Certification Training

October 9-10, 2019 - 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

The Center for Relationship Education
8101 E. Belleview Ave. Suite G, Denver, CO 80233

Emergency Responder and Military Certification
Healthy relationship skills are vital for performing your best on the job and in life. This certification training will equip you to bring proven relationship and communication skills to your agency and families, ensuring healthier and happier lives, improved productivity, decreased stress, and stronger interpersonal connections. Working in high stress jobs can take its toll. These skills can help you thrive. 


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A science-supported, skills-based relationship education certification training in the Center for Relationship Education’s REAL Essentials Curriculum. REAL Essentials is a high-impact, activity-based methodology for equipping individuals with preventative strategies for safeguarded relationships from trauma and hurt, thus decreasing toxicity among people in the workplace and at home. Healthy connections are a central indicator of overall health and wellness, and the REAL Essentials curriculum provides tools to approach relational wellness from a prevention model. This ToT workshop will certify emergency responders to facilitate the REAL Essentials Curriculum within their agency. Participants will bring the curriculum back to their agencies and be authorized to teach it within their agencies as best suits the department. The facilitators will have continued access to an online portal offering power points, online resources and curriculum updates as well as continued support from the Center for Relationship Education.


Structure of the certification:

A 2-day training designed to disseminate scientific relationship strategies with a hands-on and interactive modeling approach for learning.

Why REAL Essentials

REAL Essentials is the country’s leading relationship education curriculum. It is specifically designed to equip people with skills for building, maintaining, and repairing thriving connections. Lesson content empowers individuals with practical, science-based strategies proven to increase relationship satisfaction among friends, family, co-workers, and romantic partners. For the past 18 months, this curriculum has been presented to emergency responders with a special emphasis on the occupational impacts on relationships both at home and on the job.

Activities prepare participants to better understand and address:

  • His/her individual identity and how to recognize and respect differences in others
  • Skills for setting appropriate boundaries and strategies for sticking to them
  • Understanding the impact stress has on relationships and effectively managing it
  • Casting future vision when vocational roles change or retirement begins
  • Effective communication techniques for navigating conflict in any setting
  • Nurturing and supporting family relationships within the high risk/high stress emergency response occupations
  • The physiological impacts of the job and how they can impact our relationships
  •  How the traits and skills for which we are praised at work can oftentimes be a detriment at home



John G. Responding to Your Relationships workshop participant

August 08, 2019
Excellent content and delivery. thank you for such a well-built and delivered program. It is extremely useful to P.D., F.D and all first responders

Kevin S. Responding to Your Relationships workshop participant

August 08, 2019
Great Info! I wish it was in ALL recruit academies

Stephane S. Responding to Your Relationships workshop participant

August 08, 2019
This was a great balance of new information and reminders of other information I have learned previously

Mel P. Responding to Your Relationships workshop participant

August 08, 2019
Rhonda has an exceptional knowledge base and also superb delivery with the information. Today was a valuable use of my time, and I would highly recommend this workshop for emergency responders to have more successful relationships in the firehouse and at home

Matthew S. Responding to Your Relationships workshop participant

August 07, 2019
This workshop was tailored specifically to First Responders. Rhonda was well spoken and funny. She is fun and make the experience enjoyable. I can't wait to use the skills I was taught both personally and professionally

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