REAL Love Uncovered Leader Kit

REAL Love Uncovered Leader Kit

Created for the Christian community, REAL Love Uncovered is a faith-based study that pairs biblical truth with practical skills for accomplishing healthy connections. Its content tackles questions like, “How far is too far?”, “How do I know I’m in love?” and “What does guarding my heart actually look like?”. Each participant will experience intimacy with God while discovering His design for intimacy with others.


REAL Love Uncovered Workbook

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The REAL Love Uncovered Leader Kit equips you with instructions for each activity and all of the necessary resources to lead participants in activity-based discipleship lessons. You will be prepared to guide them in recognizing and understanding God’s biblical framework for successful and fulfilling relationships.

Real Love Uncovered topics include:

  • How to understand an individual’s personal identity in Christ
  • How to discern and experience authentic love
  • Exploring practical tools for guarding your heart
  • The role forgiveness plays in relationships
  • Embracing sex positively and with excitment in marriage


The Real Love Uncovered Leader Kit arrives with:

  • Leader Guide with instructions and answer keys for each lesson
  • One participant workbook
  • Access to the online resources page for video teaching supplements and further content
  • Love Tank T-Shirt
  • Etch-a-Sketch/Steps of Intimacy keychain
REAL Love Uncovered Leader Kit


Amy Burbee

March 24, 2017
The REAL Love Uncovered curriculum is beautifully designed, with engaging activities and graphics.

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