One of the keys to a solid grant proposal is a strong partnership with a curriculum company.  The Center for Relationship Education is willing and prepared to be this type of partner for your organization.  We believe that relationship education is a core principle for helping people live connected, and all CRE curricula products are designed to equip your target population with healthy relationship skills.

Each REAL Essentials curricula is specifically tailored for target populations including:

  - Youth and adolescents
  - Couples
  - Single and co-parenting moms
  - Military personnel
  - Emergency responders.

We look forward to exploring how we might partner with your organization to reach the community you aim to serve.

Why write REAL Essentials into your grant?

REAL Essentials is proven to help achieve the intended outcomes outlined in many grants and prepares your team to implement engaging and meaningful lessons that leave a lasting impact on the participants.  Lessons are activity based, trauma informed and inclusive.

Upcoming Grants

Upcoming Grants

Explore how REAL Essentials can help secure funding for your organization.


REAL Essentials Curricula

REAL Essentials Curricula

Each REAL Essentials Curriculum is specifically tailored for target populations. 


Grant Writing Guide

Grant Writing Guide

Our step-by-step guide simplifies the process of writing grants.  Learn some tips and best practices for writing a strong grant proposal.


REAL Essentials works with Federal, State and Local Grants.

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Title V

Hear What Other Grantees are Saying

The REAL Essentials (RE) team delivers valuable services in a manner that is clear, logical, and effective for community partners, teachers, and facilitators.  The RE team is committed, always ready to help and support an organization with their program needs.

Joette Garza-Garibay
UT Health

UT Health

CRE’s evidence-based curriculum, REAL Essentials, effectively addresses the needs of our students. The students are captivated by the innovative, interactive lessons that address issues they are all interested in.

Maurico Leone
Obria Medical Clinics 

Obria Medical Clinics

REAL Essentials helped our agency, Aspire, (in Citrus County Florida) amplify our mission to provide life and relationship skills to high-risk students.  The students love the experiential activities that are fun and relevant to their young lives. Parents and teachers are thrilled with what the students are saying about the program!

Kari Peters
Aspire Women’s Center 

Aspire Relationship Center

REAL Essentials is the very best program available to teach young people how to love well, live well, and build the best possible foundation for a happy and healthy future.  The students love REAL Essentials, the parents love it, and the teachers love it.  

Richard Albertson
Live the Life

Live the Life

Though we have purchased, been trained in, and/or used a dozen or more health-related curricula for youth, we have abandoned all of the in favor of the exceptional methods, content and reliability of REAL Essentials.

Carla Smith
Women’s Care Center 

Women’s Care Center 

Living Connected

REAL Essentials is helping communities Live Connected.  Learn more about our approach.


Become certified.

Become a change agent for healthy relationships by joining us for a live certification training. Attend an upcoming training or host a training at your location. Each participant will be given the option choosing of REAL Essential Starting Point, REAL Essentials Advance or REAL Essentials Life.