Relationship Education Proven Effective in Weld County


In Weld County, former Colorado County Commissioner David Long, former president of the Colorado Health and Human Services Commissioner Board, investigated the effectiveness of the REAL Essentials program with the research team at the Weld County Department of Health. The conclusion states; “Weld County’s teen fertility rate has decreased by 25% since 2000 with the implementation of the Weld WAITs program.” This data was taken from the Colorado State Health Department 2009 profile for Weld County, Colorado. An ROI analysis estimated savings of $4,457,932, showing a return of $3.63 for every $1.00 spent on the program.




The Relationship ROI for Arapahoe County

When the HHS Director first approached CRE to bring relationship skills to his employees in Arapahoe County, turnover was occurring at 33%. After implementing CRE services into their workplace, it dropped to only 3%. Investing in his employee's relationship skills saved his organization thousands of dollars in turnover savings.


Making Relationships Work.

When individuals experience thriving relationships, they're at their peak performance. The Center for Relationship Education utilizes research-supported strategies to improve relationship satisfaction. On workshops, group presentations, and educator trainings are available.