REAL Essentials Certification Training

The Center for Relationship Education
Denver, CO
April 5th 8:30 AM - April 6th 4:30 PM

Healthy relationships are essential for life success. Become a relationship expert, and impact your community by being certified in the REAL Essentials relationship education curriculum suite.

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Thursday, April 5th from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Friday, April 6th from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

This 2-day interactive training includes:

  • Curriculum
  • Full Certification
  • Access to exclusive online training and resources

REAL Essentials

REAL Essentials is the country’s leading relationship education curriculum. It is specifically designed to equip adults to teach young people skills for combating challenges they face in adolescence. Lesson content captivates the heart and directs students toward positive decision making. The Sex Education components of REAL Essentials are SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance) approved. All lessons are inclusive, evidence based and medically accurate.

Activities prepare students to better understand and address:

  • Their individual identity and how to recognize and respect differences in others
  • How to develop healthy dating strategies and ideas for staying connected with good friends
  • Skills for setting appropriate boundaries and strategies for sticking to them
  • Understanding safe social media guidelines and viewing advertisements through an accurate lens
  • Creating vision and applying it to future dreams and success
  • Learning the benefits of commitment and healthy marriage
  • Effective communication techniques for navigating conflict and expressing oneself
  • Sex in the content of true love and how sexuality relates to other components of their heart
  • Developing leadership skills for gaining future employment and keeping a job
REAL Essentials Certification Training - April


Darla H.

May 18, 2016
Our facilitators have implemented many of the activities in this tool kit and the training was extremely beneficial for those just coming into the SRA field.

Nancy C., Curriculum Coordinator

January 15, 2016
We are about to launch our Relationship Education “course” in our middle school (grades 6-8) and are extremely excited about the next few months. Having gone through the training, our staff feels well-equipped to start “getting REAL” with students about areas that we have previously shied away from in the past. The training is FABULOUS and Joneen and Lauren were incredibly informative, engaging, and helpful in making this View More

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