Dear Educator,

You are a recipient of a $849.00 Title V Grant Scholarship intended for teaching relationship skills and human flourishing strategies that will empower young people to resist high risk behaviors and set their lives on a course for success. The goals expected under this grant are:

  • Increasing knowledge and skills regarding healthy relationship development 
  • Increasing knowledge and skills regarding positive youth development building resiliency and protective factors 
  • Decreasing high risk behaviors such as substance abuse, bullying or early sexual debut 
  • Increasing intention to delay sexual debut or return to a sexual risk avoidance behavioral choice 
  • Increasing self-efficacy and confidence levels of adolescents regarding emotional and social intelligence 
  • Increasing knowledge about gender equity and overcoming stereotypes to reduce dating violence 
  • Increasing knowledge and skills increasing self-regulation, emotional maturity and resisting peer pressure.  
  • Increasing in the value of committed love and healthy family formation.

You will be required to teach at least 25 students 12 hours of instruction, administer an electronic pre and post-test, and turn in all surveys to the Center for Relationship Education by due dates outlined. 

CRE will work with you and provide technical assistance regarding scope and sequence of lessons, implementation strategies, student workbooks, ongoing professional development and support, and an ability to receive graduate level credit from Colorado State University.  

You are a vital part of achieving these goals. Thank you in advance for the role you are playing to positively impact lives. Please help The Center for Relationship Education to operate within program fidelity in disseminating these scholarship training funds by completing the Facilitator Agreement prior to your REAL Essentials Certification Training. 


Joneen Mackenzie RN, President / Founder




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