smartool-cover.jpgThe SMARTool is a resource to be used by schools, communities, youth-serving agencies and other organizations interested in presenting risk-avoidance education to youth. It is designed to:

  • describe effective sexual risk-avoidance interventions and programs
  • provide insights into program and community needs and resources
  • guide assessment of potential curricula that may be used for sexual risk-avoidance program
  • improve program implementation

Through a cooperative agreement with the Division of Adolescent School Health (DASH) in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The Center for Relationship Education developed the SMARTool. The objectives of the SMARTool are to:

  • help schools and youth-serving organizations identify and implement programs that inform youth about sexual risks and support youth to delay sexual involvement
  • serve as a resource to developers of sexual risk avoidance curricula
  • increase the confidence and proficiency of educators
  • improve the effectiveness of community programs promoting sexual risk-avoidance

Developed through a Federal grant, it is free to download.


Are You Writing for a Federal Grant?

Our step-by-step guide simplifies the process for writing health education grants. Bring together the plan, program, and curriculum to become an agent of change for healthy relationships in your community.


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