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The Center for Relationship Education offers services to the following groups:


This is a person who provides instruction or education to youth or adults. This can be a school teacher but also includes youth pastors, mentors, volunteers, coaches. The services offered to this group will give them the tools to be able to teach their students healthy relationship skills.


We have many workshops designed to give couples, regardless of marital status, the tools to improve their relationships. Many of our workshops come at no cost to you because they are paid for by a federal grant. We provide these services through churches, community organizations, businesses, and other organizations interested in hosting a workshop.

Parents & Youth

Each year The Center for Relationship Education reaches more than 10,000 youth through school classes, assemblies, conferences, youth groups, and other venues. It is our desire to not only offer support to these students but also to their parents. We also offer parent workshops that teach parents the skills and tools we provide to their students so parents can reinforce them at home and continue to mentor their youth.


The Center of Relationship Education is always looking for more ways to reach youth and adults with the message of healthy relationships. If you don’t see services that fit your need, have ideas to reach more, or have an event you would like us to participate in, please contact us to discuss how we can help.