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Thousands of Colorado military men and women are serving to protect our families. We are committed to protecting and servings theirs.

In 2016, 530 military families participated in weekend retreats structured to reconnect, refresh, and reenergize couples returning from deployments and juggling the unique pressures that accompany military careers.

Every couple faces obstacles at some point in their relationship. These obstacles are often amplified for military families—deployments separate partners for months at a time, and job assignments often require frequent moves. As couples embrace these challenges, CRE military retreats set the stage for them to embrace one another.

Last November, energy and anticipation filled the hotel in Colorado Springs. Check-in began, and kids raced to push the elevator buttons and explore the adventure of a hotel stay. Parents stirred coffee and navigated the room to choose the perfect seat. As our facilitators summarized expectations, hope permeated the room.

One participant wasn’t so sure. “I don’t think this is for us,” they shared. “We’re not sure this can work.”

“We’re for you,” the facilitator reassured. “Would you be willing to enjoy the hotel for one night and revisit this conversation tomorrow after lunch?”

“Offer accepted,” they answered. “We’ll see you tomorrow for breakfast.” A new day positioned new hope. Each skill presented an opportunity to validate their commitment and empower them with new perspective. They were a team but struggled to communicate that they were still wearing the same color jersey. As the retreat came to a close, this couple approached the facilitators at the exit. “Thanks for asking us to stay,” they said, “This helped us more than you’ll ever know, and we want to sign up for your next event.”

“Thanks for asking us to stay. This helped us more than you’ll ever know, and we want to sign up for your next event.”

At The Center for Relationship Education, lives are impacted regularly, inspiring and empowering relationships to flourish. Find upcoming weekend marriage retreats for military couples.

Learn about week-long therapeutic retreats for the military family as a whole, offered by our partner organization, Project Sanctuary.