<strong>Bridging the Gap:</strong> <br>Make differences enrich instead of enrage

Bridging the Gap:
Make differences enrich instead of enrage

Aaron and Misty Willis

As people, we are all hard-wired with the need and desire for connection; however, connection is not always as simple as it appears. Differing opinions, backgrounds, and experiences play a role in misunderstanding others. Consider how understanding these differences can lead to a foundation for fulfilling and healthy relationships.


<strong>Siri “Us” Direction:</strong><br> Discover the route toward your marriage destination

Siri “Us” Direction:
Discover the route toward your marriage destination

Jonathan and Stacy Dickerson

Thanks to Siri, and map applications, fewer people have to deal with the stress of being lost. All couples face turns in their journeys together, and without knowing what’s ahead, they sometimes feel surprised when at the crossroads. Come discover some Siri “Us” Direction for your marriage that will ease the stress when arriving at the unknown.

<strong> Forever & Ever:  </strong><br>Power of<br> Commitment

Forever & Ever:
Power of

Lee and Donna Larsen

Being dedicated requires sacrifice, and sacrifice communicates worth. Learn how commitment transformed the Larsen’s legacy as they offer candid insight and share strategies for lasting love


What Did You Expect?

Jeff and Stephanie McKinney

Many marital disappointments stem directly from unmet expectations. Discover a framework to set your relationship on a path for meeting, and often exceeding, your expectations of one another and of your marriage.

Ouch! Addressing the Hurt We Cause

Josh and Lauren Reitsema

Why is it that we often hurt the people we love the most? If you’ve experienced hurt in your marriage, you are not alone. How we acknowledge and address our response to painful things is a key difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Come to this workshop to learn the cycle of hurt and powerful ways to offer and ask for forgiveness.

Debt – Crush It or It Will Crush You

Jonathan and Stacy Dickerson

Debt is heavy and can make you feel stuck. When trying to break free, getting started is the hardest part. Here is the kick-start you need for changing your financial future and becoming debt-free. Make your money work for you, and watch your relationship, and your bank account, thrive.

Foundational Tools for Blended Families

Moe and Paige Becnel 

Moe and Paige Becnel married in 1989. With 5 children between them, they quickly learned the struggles associated with blending a family. Don’t miss out on this session as the Becnel’s will share practical insights and helpful steps to address unique challenges with solutions that helped them grow into a healthy blended family.

Give Me the Dirt

Jonathan and Stacy Dickerson

Get to the heart of conflict, and learn to dig up its root causes. Learn practical tools for navigating heated situations for growing closer together, not further apart.

'Til They Came Along....

Moe and Paige Becnel

A healthy interdependence is a vital part of a thriving marriage. Learning one another’s needs, and helping to meet them, creates a lasting bond. After starting a family, children’s needs often take priority over your partner’s and can leave one or both adults feeling empty or alone. This workshop will address the value of prioritizing your marriage first while still being your best as parents.

Close to You:
Creating the Intimacy You Have Always Longed For

Joneen Mackenzie

The physical connection and chemistry you experience in marriage is incredibly important, however, it doesn’t exclusively define intimacy. Whole person intimacy must be understood and nurtured for healthy sexual connection. This workshop will give light to intimacy in a whole new way and help heighten the spark in your relationship. 

2019 DIY Marriage Experience

When Spring fever hits, we list ideas for Do It Yourself projects! With the right tools, any project feels easier. Refresh your relationship at the DIY Marriage Experience, a 3-day weekend marriage retreat. Add your relationship to your DIY list, and gain practical and powerful tools that give your marriage a tune up that lasts.