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Webinar Replay

Watch our recorded webinar where we unpacked the FOA and answered questions about SRAE funding.

According to the Family Youth Service Bureau:

The purpose of the SRAE Grant is to fund projects to implement sexual risk avoidance education that teaches participants how to voluntarily refrain from sexual activity and to increase the value of healthy relationship development and marriage. The services are targeted to participants that reside in areas with high rates of teen births and/or are at greatest risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The goals of SRAE are to empower participants to make healthy decisions and provide tools and resources to prevent pregnancy, STIs, and youth engagement in other risky behaviors

The objectives of the SRAE grant program are to:

  1. Implement curricula that includes medically accurate information referenced in peer reviewed publications by educational, scientific, governmental, or health organizations.
  2. Select sexual risk avoidance curricula and/or strategies with an evidence-based approach to integrate research findings with practical implementation that align with the needs and desired outcomes of the targeted audience of youth.
  3. Teach risk avoidance skills through methods that do not normalize teen sexual activity.
  4. Target youth populations that are at risk for non-marital sexual activity and other risk behaviors.
  5. Ensure the program is inclusive and non-stigmatizing towards all participants.

What is a Positive Youth Development Approach?

A positive youth development approach is one that seeks to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • foster skills for healthy relationship development
  • promote bonding
  • foster resilience
  • promote social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and moral competence
  • foster self-determination
  • foster spirituality
  • foster self-efficacy
  • foster clear and positive identity
  • foster belief in the future
  • provide recognition for positive behavior and opportunities for prosocial involvement
  • foster prosocial norms (healthy standards for behavior)

The REAL Essentials curriculum includes the positive youth development approach from the    Search Institute which imparts tools and skills to build 40 developmental assets in youth which fosters resiliency and self-efficacy. Included in the curriculum is a parent guide with ideas to build assets at home.

Pay Particular Attention to the Post Grant Award Requirements

  1. An accelerated start-time. The project must be fully functioning within 90 days following the Notice of Award for the grant.
  2. Have facilitators/educators formally trained in the program model or elements of the program by professionals who can provide follow-up technical assistance to facilitators.

While an accelerated start may seem overwhelming for your organization, REAL Essentials already has elements built into it to simplify this process:

  • We come to you! REAL Essentials Certification Training can be scheduled to train and certify your team in how to implement the curriculum at your location. You pick the date.
  • Modules are separated by topic. Utilize what you need for your target audience.
  • PowerPoints are already built for each lesson, making a personalized, professional scope and sequence easy to build and easy to teach.
  • Lessons are labeled with how much time is needed, materials, objectives and a step by step on how to teach each lesson.
  • Online resource page support
  • Topical index guidelines for scope and sequence development
  • Fidelity checklist for implementing the chosen curriculum with fidelity
  • Program quality improvement checklist

Why Write REAL Essentials into your SRA Grant?

The REAL Essentials suite of curricula meets the requirements of the SRAE grant proposal. REAL Essentials is a healthy relationship skills development curriculum that utilizes a positive youth development approach. REAL Essentials teaches future orientation success strategies, as well as partner selection, dating, and family formation skills. Additionally, REAL Essentials outlines protective factors necessary for adolescents to avoid other high-risk behaviors that might jeopardize their decisions and their health. Activities in REAL Essentials are activity-based, trauma informed, and inclusive to all students.