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REAL Essentials (Relationship Education And Leadership) is a curriculum that equips young people with skills for building healthy relationships. Topics include romantic attachment, choices, challenges, obstacles, and temptations. It is packed with fun, interactive, and age-appropriate activities that are intended to develop impulse control,self-regulation, relationship development, partner selection, and future family formation.

The REAL Essentials curriculum teaches:

  • Understanding yourself and the differences in others
  • Making healthy decisions
  • Dealing with cultural and peer influences
  • Communicating effectively
  • Dealing effectively with conflict
  • Understanding friendship, dating and love
  • Avoiding high-risk behaviors
  • Understanding the benefits of and the skills to prepare for healthy marriage

We offer this curriculum in different forms. We have educator certification training available, we offer services directly to schools and other organizations, and we have developed a mentoring edition that consists of a small group leaders guide and youth workbooks.

Online Training

REAL Essentials online training is designed to allow educators who need flexibility in their schedules for training and/or those who are unable to access a live training.

Live Certification Trainings & Related Events

REAL Essentials is the all-new combination of our most popular curricula, WAIT Training and Get REAL.