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How can I preview a sample of your curriculum?

To preview a sample lesson of REAL Essentials and/or REAL Essentials Starting Point, click the FREE Sample Lessons button listed next to your product of interest. A link will appear after filling out the form to download a sample lesson.

How can I preview the whole curriculum?

To preview any of our products in their entirety, simply purchase the product you are exploring. If the curriculum does not meet your needs, you have 30 days to return the product for a full refund*

*Refunds do not include the cost of shipping and require that the product is in excellent condition upon its return.

Is your curriculum medically accurate and evidence-based?


What does medically accurate and evidence-based mean?

Medically Accurate: Content of lessons is presented with data supported medical facts which demonstrate medically accurate health information. Additionally, all lessons are undergirded by scientifically accepted theoretical frameworks for best practices in how students learn.

Evidence-Based: The program selected is supported with evidence that demonstrates positive effect showcasing increase in knowledge and self-efficacy, change in attitude, intent to delay sexual activity or return to a sexual risk avoidance behavioral choice on immediate post survey results that are maintained in a 3 month and 6 month follow-up survey.

For a thorough report outlining medically accurate and evidence-based practices, please click here.

How much does your program cost?

Pricing for products distributed by The Center for Relationship Education can be found on the store link of the website. Please click here to visit the store.

*Please note, training pricing and pricing for speaking engagements and assemblies are contracted through our sales department. If interested in learning more about a training or speaking engagement in your area, please contact

What types of lessons do you teach?

Curriculum provided through the Center for Relationship Education trains and inspires health in many areas that positively impact relationships. Topics range from self-discovery and conflict and communication styles to boundary setting and healthy partner selection strategies. Many lessons are intended to touch the heart and meet the need for social and emotional wellness. For specific topics represented in CRE products, locate the product description found next to each product on the curriculum drop-down menu.

What lessons and subjects do you recommend I teach?

Sample Scope and Sequence outlines are available for download on each curriculum resource page. Customers who have purchased REAL Essentials and/or REAL Essentials Starting Point can find the resource page information behind the first tab of your binder*.

*If your curriculum was purchased before 2015, please contact our office for information about the resources page. This update was added to REAL Essentials in its most recent publication.

We have a limited time in the classroom and the REAL Essentials binder has so many activities. How do we manage that?

One of the most popular aspects of this curriculum is that it is modulated, which allows the instructor to pick and choose the activities he or she wants to teach to a specific audience and target population group.

We also have suggested activities for a 5-day course or a 10-day course. In addition, we provide student workbooks that include lessons from our most frequently taught activities. Student workbooks also allow the students to keep the valuable lessons and skills they learn in one place to refer to year after year. To purchase student workbooks, click here.

How can I get you to come to my (or my kids’) school?

The Center for Relationship Education offers assembly packages presented by one of our trainers at schools across the country. For pricing and availability please contact

Are you faith based?

No, we are a secular agency. The Center for Relationship Education is a 501c3 non-profit agency training people in data-driven, research-based principles in building and maintaining healthy relationships. However, if you desire a faith-based workshop or are interested in integrating scripture, we have products to meet your needs. Click here for more information.

Is your curriculum inclusive?

Yes. The Center for Relationship Education believes that the skills surrounding healthy relationships are important for all people to know and model. Every human desires to love and be loved well.

What is the difference between online training and being certified in REAL Essentials?

Online training allows educators to receive the minimum amount of guidance and instruction necessary to teach REAL Essentials in a classroom with program fidelity. The online training does not apply toward continuing education credits, but it prepares you to confidently teach in the classroom. Please note that completing the online training does not provide certification.

Being certified in REAL Essentials means you’ve attended a live training delivered by the Facilitation Team at the Center for Relationship Education. Choosing this method of certification grants you 16 hours of continuing education credits and registers you with The Center for Relationship Education as a certified trainer of the REAL Essentials curriculum.

How do I log in to the REAL Essentials Online Training?

Using the navigation menus along the top of the page, hover over Educators & Parents.
Hover over Online Training,
Select “Course Page.
Click the green “Login” button and enter your ID and password. 

How do I view my online training completion certificate?

Go to your course page.
Click on the gray “view results” tile at the top, right side of the page.
Next you will click on the “view certificate” tile at the top, right side of page.
Once you click on this tile, you will be able to view your certificate.

Where can I see your calendar of events?

Click here to view our upcoming Healthy Marriage Workshops.
Click here to view upcoming REAL Essentials Certification Trainings.
Click here to be redirected to our events page on Facebook and click “subscribe” to receive notifications when we have upcoming events near you.

Most of our public events are listed for registration across the bottom bar of our homepage.

Private events are not listed on the website and are reserved only for host location attendees. To learn more about hosting a private event in your community, contact

How do my spouse and I attend a marriage workshop?

Marriage Workshops are hosted at various sites in Colorado throughout the year. For a complete calendar or to register for a workshop click here.

If you would like to book a marriage workshop at your venue, please contact for more information.

How much do your marriage workshops cost?


Where and when is your next marriage workshop?

Please visit the events calendar on our website for upcoming dates and locations.

Still have questions? Contact us.