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Jamie Leach, MA, NCCBoard President – Couples and Family Therapist
I serve because, personally and professionally, I am passionate about seeing all types of relationships succeed. I am proud to serve and support The Center for Relationship Education because this organization shares the same passion and mission – to help provide the tools for people to engage in successful and meaningful relationships.

Jonathan DickersonIntegrated Media Solutions Provider
I serve on the board because I learned early on in my marriage that I did NOT have the communication tools needed to make my marriage thrive. After attending a Healthy Marriage Project Workshop, my wife and I both realized how easy it could be to transition from Good to GREAT with the right skills at our fingertips.

Tim LeachFinancial Advisor
I serve on the board because I enjoy seeing healthy habits developed in couples and families that bring life and health to communities.

Scott WilliamsBusinessman; Judy WilliamsAccountant
We are honored to be a part of The Center for Relationship Education. We feel that healthy marriage is not only the best moral choice, but it also makes the most economic sense for our nation’s future.

Larry Daub – Retired Air Force Veteran and Businessman; Vicky Daub – Retired Educator and Businesswoman
We are blessed to be Healthy Marriage facilitators, focusing on serving military families. We believe in the importance of healthy relationships, and our honored to be members of The Center for Relationship Education board.