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Rico Figueroaby Rico Figueroa, Vice President

How are we going to change the world through healthy relationships? It all begins with our mission. We are excited about 2015 and are starting the year by revamping our Mission Statement to capture our passion.

“The Center for Relationship Education inspires and trains people to live, love, and lead well.”

We believe that as we actively work out this mission, our world will change. We will see a decrease in divorce, family breakup, poverty, fatherless homes, crime, and out-of-wedlock childbirth and will see an increase in lasting marriages, thriving families, student academics, social engagement, and so much more.

In addition to our mission statement, we are implementing many other changes and initiatives. Among these are the launch of an updated version of our foundational WAIT Training curriculum, newly titled REAL Essentials, as well as the initiation of our e-learning series and other supports for people who have been through our trainings. We hope you will join us as we have an exciting year ahead inspiring and training people to live, love, and lead well.

To better understand each part of our mission statement, please feel free to explore the drop-downs below:


This is the core, the basis, of what we do. It is not just teaching, it’s walking alongside and “training” people how to build healthy relationships. 


We desire to do more than teach – we want to give people a compelling vision of what their life can be and how they can make it happen. We know that if we inspire them and ignite that internal passion, they will make lasting changes that will affect not only themselves but the world around them.


We serve all people across age, stage, and culture.


Live focuses on the individual. It is helping people understand who they are, their strengths, their weaknesses, their personality, decision making, future goals, and so much more. Healthy relationships start with healthy people who understand themselves.


Love focuses on relationships. The person who can “live well” can then engage in relationship with others. We train them to love and respect others and themselves in all relationships and give them the step-by-step skills to live in healthy relationships.


The person who can “live and love well” can then lead others to do the same. They can take these skills and bring them into their families, workplace and community. This generates healthy relationships which are vital to all areas of life. By leading others, they can now engage with us in our mission.