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  • Relationship Module
    Learn helpful skills for some of the most universal relationship challenges. Modules can be incorporated into shorter teaching time-frames, with a maximum of 2 hours. Module topics include practical communicattion, understanding others’ perspectives, and effective strategies for navigating conflict. 
  • Full Day Workshop
    This format works well to program an employee development day, team skill building, or relationship-focused youth event. Full day workshop pricing includes all facilitation and participant materials.
  • REAL Essentials Curriculum Certification Training
    Curriculum certification workshops credential you as a relationship expert. Learn how to teach relationship skills to individuals, and forever impact the quality of their connections. Curriculum certification trainings are 2 day events.
  • Group Presentation or Assembly
    Relationships affect everyone and are a favorite topic of conversation. Utilize us for a conference keynote, school assembly, or educational talk. We'll deliver practical and personal strategies for relationship success.
  • Retreat
    Teach relationship education in an extended and relaxing setting. Ask how we can program a personalized retreat for your audience.