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Since 1992, our curriculum has evolved, and so has the organization. Originally called “W.A.I.T. (Why Am I Tempted) Training”, The Center for Relationship Education (CRE) became an educational, nonprofit agency in 2003. Thanks in part to the recognized performance and success of CRE, the organization was awarded five federal grants in 2006 to serve youth, young adults, parents, educators, and leaders in Colorado and throughout the United States. These grants have allowed CRE to broaden its vision, mission and opportunity to provide relationship education and support for every age and stage of life.

Mission Statement

The Center for Relationship Education is dedicated to educating, equipping and empowering individuals of all ages with the relationship skills necessary to form and maintain healthy relationships, healthy marriages, and safe and stable families for the well being of children and adults.

The Center for Relationship Education accomplishes this mission by creating curriculum and offering trainings, workshops, and direct services by skilled facilitators and speakers.
Relationships are the very essence of humanity. According to numerous studies, healthy relationships and meaningful connections are essential to wellness, health and long-term employment. Many detrimental health and life outcomes occur when our relationships are not healthy or satisfying. The common chord of the human heart is to love and be loved well.

The Center for Relationship Education was founded in 2003 by Joneen Mackenzie, a registered nurse, who saw the negative outcomes of poor relationships in the lives of children and adults, firsthand. Poverty, non-marital childbearing, dating and intimate partner violence, divorce, never formed families, dropout rates, crime, unemployment, substance abuse, mental health issues, child abuse, life chaos/drama and broken hearts were all results of unhealthy relationships lacking meaning, purpose and understanding.

Joneen Mackenzie partnered with experts in the field who studied what makes relationships thrive to create curriculum and resources to better relationships. She developed the Center for Relationship Education (CRE) as a secular, nonsectarian educational nonprofit to train and disseminate the best of the research and skills to individuals of all ages to meet the need in the community.

The Center for Relationship Education’s curriculum, trainings, workshops, and direct services have achieved recognized success and support throughout the community. Due to CRE’s performance and accomplishments, the organization was awarded five federal grants in 2006 to serve young adults, parents, educators, and leaders in Colorado and throughout the nation.

CRE is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and partners with organizations and programs across 42 states and 8 countries. CRE collaborates with youth development programs, local and state health departments, school districts, churches, health clinics and a many other youth-serving organizations.

CRE also trains and educates parents on family and marriage relationships to support the creation of healthy teens to build better relationships in the next generation. Through trainings, workshops, and direct services, CRE aims to equip youth, parents and families with skills, resources and knowledge to last a lifetime.