REAL Essentials Medical Cessation

REAL Essentials Medical Cessation

A valuable tool that provides medical professionals and pregnancy centers with a strategic and situationally appropriate plan for directing young women and men toward optimal sexual health.


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REAL Essentials Medical Cessation helps connect a client's sexual behavior patterns with the condition of his or her heart. It expands the dialogue to supplement the medical information with healthy relationship skills.

Activities prepare clients to better:

  • Identify areas where they may feel unwanted or unworthy when it comes to love
  • Discover their personality characteristics
  • Understand their relationship patterns and learn to identify relationship red flags
  • Determine their personal strengths
  • Create community support networks to help them succeed
  • Develop strategies for setting boundaries and breaking unhealthy patterns
  • Start fresh with goals for relational health and future family stability

This curriculum utilizes the transtheoretical model of behavioral change theory; the same medical model used in smoking and drug cessation projects developed by the U.S. Public Health Service.


REAL Essentials Medical Cessation curriculum arrives with:

  • Full access to online resources, including:
    • Instructional video guidelines
    • PDF lesson updates when revisions are made
  • 10 Love Well Magazines
  • Etch-A-Sketch keychain and Steps of Intimacy cards
REAL Essentials Medical Cessation
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Darla Huddleston

May 18, 2016
Very well worth the investment. This is excellent curricula for Women’s Shelters who often have co-dependent women. Also, crisis pregnancy centers who want to continue service for those who test negative. I would recommend scheduling a training in addition to purchasing the curriculum in order to ensure successful implementation.